FusionWare Integration Server Demonstration


The following videos demonstrate how one company was able to develop a Web Services application that solved one of their major customer service challenges – the delivery of real-time order status information to customers and partners for orders that were manufactured in plants across the globe.

The Situation:

Dense Forest Outfitters (DFO) is a North American sporting goods manufacturer that recently acquired two new companies:

  • Gear-to-Go (GTG): A sporting goods clothing manufacturer in Asia
  • Homes Under the Skies (HUTS): A camping equipment and tent manufacturer in the UK

The Problem:

"Now that we've acquired GTG and HUTS, we'll have all kinds of new data formats. Won't that be great?"

DFO, GTG and HUTS backend systems and databases are incompatible.

  • DFO stores all their customer and order information in a non-relational database.
  • HUTS data is stored in Microsoft Access.
  • GTG uses Microsoft SQL Server.

Therefore, when a Customer Service Representative attempted to provide status information on an order that involved products from the different divisions, they had to call or email for the information from each of the manufacturers manually. This could take hours and sometimes up to a day to retrieve and consolidate the data.

Not only was it frustrating for the customers, it was an expensive and inefficient process for Dense Forest Outfitters.


The Solution:

With the FusionWare Integration Server, DFO developed a service-oriented application in a matter of days that interfaced with all three disparate backend systems and their web site and consolidated the results in an HTML page and corresponding email. Customers only had to enter their customer ID and an order number on the site and the application returned the delivery status on each item in their order in a matter of seconds. This improved their Customer Service productivity by 70%.

Once the consumer-based application was developed, DFO wanted to offer this same capability to their partners and resellers electronically, rather than through a web site. Using the FusionWare Designer, it took only minutes to transform the consumer application into a Web Services application between DFO and its trading partners.

Let us show you how these applications were built. Click on each recording below to follow the development of the application:

  1. Overview of the demonstrations
  2. Access disparate data quickly and easily without programming
  3. Easily create emails within the application workflow
  4. Quickly transform the web site application into a secure Web Services application using the FusionWare Designer XSLT Wizard

We hope you have enjoyed these short demonstrations of just a few of the capabilities of the FusionWare Integration Server. For more information on how FusionWare can help you complete more projects with fewer resources, contact us at: