Finally! This one is perfect. Even the explanation at your fingertips for when you forget which way is Canada! 
  Shows wait times both directions with cameras. Best border app I've found. Background on the app is a bit distracting. (FWIC, so we fixed it)
  Great app and very diligent support. I reported a crossing that they didn't have and they jumped right on it, letting me now what we the issue and how they would resolve it.
DJ Colby

Border Wait Times

Border Wait Times (With Border Cams) presents a simple interface showing bi-directional border wait times from both the US and Canadian perspectives.  No need to tap multiple times to check your favorite border crossing it's all on one compact tile.

***Now with Border Cameras.  Tap on any tile that has a camera icon and cameras on both sides of the border will be shown (where available).  Got a camera suggestion?  Email us at

Set favorite borders and get single tap access to the places you cross most often.

Use your phone's Bing Maps navigation.  Once you select your prefered border, have Bing Maps give you turn-by-turn navigation (including traffic issues) along the way.  Bing Maps Navigation includes voice guidance so you can get to your destination hands free.

Our border information tile presents information on NEXUS, time delay, lanes open (US Only) and border hours for both directions in a single enhanced tile.  Using a simple traffic light system, you can quickly tell if your border is too busy or not.  Green means 15 minutes or less.  Amber means 60 minutes or less and Red... well, you might want to check another handy border crossing.


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