Brings back some great memories of the old school Lunar Lander. Great graphics and very addictive game play!
HolyKidd Crash
  Great time wasting fun :D play this game!!!

Fusion Invasion

Welcome to Fusion Invasion where you invade planets, moons or locations around you and tell your friends all about it.

Pick your invasion target from the list of worlds we provide or select 'Custom' to use your device's camera to snap your current location and customize the gravity of your invasion victims.  Be the first to land aliens at your local coffee shop using our augmented reality mode.

After you have landed, use the camera icon to snap a picture of your fabulous conquest!  From the Windows Phone Photo Hub you can share the picture with your friends through Twitter or Facebook.  

Statistics are kept on best landing, most frugal use of fuel resources and, of course, the hardest you managed to hammer into whatever ground you were aiming for.

With the Free Trial, try landing on the moon. But for a real challenge, get the full game to expand your world selection, add customizations and add augmented reality mode!

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