Great game, lots of fun and challenging
  Addictive game. Always looking for the better score. And the Alien rocks!!!
  not a bad little game. Spent a few hours with it :)

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Space Junk!

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Prevent the proliferation of space junk around our great blue ball, Earth!

YOU are in control of all the satellites orbiting Earth!
YOU are responsible for avoiding collisions!
YOU  must not add orbiting space junk by crashing!
YOU must protect the International Space Station (ISS) from rogue satellites (Full version only)!
YOU must protect "special guests" (Full version only)!

Playing the Game
  • MOVE satellites - "Flick" the satellite Up or Down.
  • MOVE satellites faster - "Flick"multiple times.  (Remember to "Flick" in opposite direction to straighten Satellite.)
  • PAUSE game - Tap Pause Button.
  • RESUME game - Tap Play Button.

Each new level (displayed in bottom left) is more complex (more stuff).  (Trial mode is limited to 3 levels)

  • 3 Points - Each satellite that safely completes an "orbit" or exits the screen to the left or right.
  • 2 Points LOST - Each satellite you de-orbit (let fall off the bottom of the screen) causing a flaming inferno of wreckage.
  • 2 Points LOST - Each satellite you send careening into space (let fall off the top of the screen) left to drift for all eternity... Alone.
  • 9 Points - Successfully allow the ISS to pass through the screen. (Full Version Only)
  • 4 Points - Protect any special guests that might arrive.

  • High score and daily high score are retained.
  • Scores are automatically posted to the Orbital Guardians Honor Roll (OGHR Board).


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