Bueno para manejar tus tiempos (good to handle your times)

FusionWare Swim Tracker

Version 2.0! Major Upgrade

A handy way to keep track of your swimmer's swim results while at a swim meet. This app allows you to pre-enter the events your swimmer's will be competing in and then as the results are shown on the board, to make a note of them for future reference. You can log and view the current time against best times.

Version 2.0 Updates
  • See new screenshots for features. 
  • Added New Fields: Date of Swim, Pool Type (SCY, SCM, LCM) 
  • No More Keyboard. Tap and select Stroke, Length and Date of Swim 
  • Enter time with Spin Selectors, See Screenshots. 
  • Embedded FusionWare Stopwatch. 
    • Now, time those swims. 
    • Times automatically entered into swim tracker or use Time Selector. 
    • No more keyboard!!!!!!
  • Save your swim information by Email or use SkyDrive integration 
  • Saved Swims in CSV format and easily opened by most spreadsheet programs 

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