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What's Next for FusionWare?

May 28

Written by: Robert Houben, CTO
5/28/2012 9:17 AM  RssIcon

The last few years have been interesting to say the least.  A number of developments that we have been anticipating have begun to take hold of the market, and a shakeup has resulted.  Actually, we had expected some of these things sooner, and others were different than we had expected, but that's the nature of the beast.

Here I outline a broad-brush of where we see ourselves going.

Mobile Explosion

We were telling our customers over 10 years ago that this would happen, and it's finally here.  It took Steve Jobs and the iPhone to make really usable portable devices a consumer phenomenon, but it's finally here and it is NOT going away.  One of the hottest blog topics out there is the whole BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon.  This is creating huge headaches for IT departments, but it also represents an opportunity for those agile enough to take advantage of it and still maintain the necessary security and privacy.

I still expect that this space will undergo major changes.

From our perspective, Mobile is another user interface with a constrained form-factor, but huge reach.  It's something we know we need to stay on top of.

Cloud Computing

If you aren't aware of the buzz around this, you've been living under a rock for too long.  Cloud is actually a combination of many technologies coming together to make economies of scale possible that could not normally be realized.  This was pioneered by large companies that had to create efficient, scalable datacenter environments for their consumer-facing applications and portals.  Probably the biggest shift in recent times is the growing realization that "private cloud", which consists of taking these concepts in-house, resolves many of the security, privacy and compliance concerns that plague the public cloud.  Ultimately most large corporations will have a "hybrid cloud", if they don't already.  This consists of using cloud concepts internally for some applications, and using the public cloud for other applications, and linking them together to make them cooperate seamlessly.

Cloud computing is really the confluence of virtualization, storage, internet connectivity, automation, end-user self-service and management tools that facilitate the seamless management of the whole stack.

We have assisted our customers in many of these areas in the past, and are now investing in training and certification to work with the entire stack.

Big Data

Big Data is an emerging initiative that allows larger corporations to effectively track significant volumes of data, mining it for critical insight into customers and market trends.  While there is a whole new set of tools coming out to make this easier to work with, the concepts are not particularly new.

This is again an area which we have some considerable past experience with.  We are actively working to keep ourselves up-to-date with the state of the technology.

Consumerization of (parts of) IT

There are whole segments of IT that are beginning to become a consumer playing field.  Between Cloud, Mobile, BYOD, and so much more, the IT landscape is changing.  There are whole segments that used to require specialization, that an IT department can now turn to consumer solutions or cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions that allow the IT department to focus on areas where their skills are really needed.

Hopefully this will mean more of a focus on the areas of the business that differentiate you from your competitors.  This is where you really want your IT department to shine.

Turning Technology into Solutions

At FusionWare, we're committed to knowing the landscape and providing our customers the best services and solutions to help them be competitive in today's changing markets.  FusionWare is committed to helping all our customers, including our MultiValue, Microsoft, IBM and other customers, turn technology into solutions!

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