Technology Partners

  We have been a partner with Microsoft for more than a decade.  Our close relationship allows us work closely with Microsoft when providing solutions our Customers need.  To achieve this partner status we have extensive technical certifications in Microsoft technology along with our products tested and certifed by 3rd party testing centers.
  We work closely with IBM to ensure our solutions are certified for use with IBM products.  Several of our products have the Ready for IBM System with Linux such as the FusionWare Integration Server, mvLynx Connect API, mvLynx Java Data Adapter and mvLynx Driver, JDBC Edition. The Ready for IBM DB2 database software designation has been awarded to dbLynx 2SQL and mvLynx 2SQL.  
  Cleo is a partner with us in delivery of low-cost EDI over HTTP solutions for our MultiValue, AS/400 and other customers.  Read more...  
  Our partnership with osCommerce allows us to deliver solid inexpensive Open Source eCommerce solutions connected to existing Line-of-business on MultiValue, AS/400 or other platforms.  Read more...  

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Services and Sales Partners


Reality is Northgate's highly effective MultiValue SQL enabled database environment. It is the database and operating environment of choice for a wide range of organizations and businesses, from small enterprises to large 24x7 mission critical environments, returning great value and offering exceptional levels of resilience. From its first commercial delivery back in 1973 into the 21st Century, Reality is the MV solution that’s kept pace with technology and features in order to maintain a loyal, committed and satisfied customer base.

  Pick Products is a leading provider of line-of-business (LOB) data access and intelligent integration products in the Asia-Pacific marketplace.  Pick Products cost-effectively simplify the integration of disparate data and applications for organizations looking to leverage their existing IT investments.  

PacSoft LLC provides software solutions that have been specifically developed for forest industry companies to manage all information for products from standing timber to finished goods in the yards. Now in their third generations, each of these software packages is designed and developed by teams that know the forest and wood product industries. PacSoft is also a reseller of solutions from manufacturers such as IBM, DataCore, Dell, STORServer, Lenovo and others, providing hardware, software, professional services and consultation for our customers.


Building high-quality websites for over 10 years, awdd media is a boutique firm that combines creative design with modern technologies and honest service. Specializing in Drupal and WordPress enables us to deliver comprehensive web systems for companies big and small.

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