FusionWare MultiValue Products

Extend the life and potential of MultiValue systems with proven integration middleware tools that allow your applications communicate with other systems running on any platform, operating system or development environment.

FusionWare enables users to fully leverage their mission critical investments in MultiValue systems – independent of platform, version or vendor – without requiring upgrades or modifications.

FusionWare MultiValue
Product Solutions and Uses
Products for Web, Win, WPF, SilverLight, MV and Java Developers
FusionWare mvLynx Connect API
FusionWare's mvLynx Connect API makes it extremely easy for your MultiValue programmers to write Multivalue BASIC programs that access SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2 and other data as though it were a local PICK file with single values in it. Full bi-directional capability.
Enables high-speed, highly scalable Data migration, Data Warehouse, Data Mart or application integration.
FusionWare mvLynx Managed Provider
100% ADO.NET compliant managed provider enabling developers of .Net applications to seamlessly access MultiValue data from and within their .Net applications.
Ideal for integrating MultiValue data with any modern Microsoft platforms and technologies.
FusionWare mvLynx Reporting Services Provider
Bring your MultiValue data into Microsoft's Reporting services, allowing full integration with SharePoint 2010 and any other platforms that support Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
SQL Server 2000 and higher.

Business Intelligence and Reporting Made Easy.
FusionWare mvLynx Java Data Adapter (JDA)
Powerful, high performance access to MultiValue data and logic from many Java-based and/or open source platforms.
Data Connectivity that supports many popular Java-based application servers, IDEs and solutions.
FusionWare mvLynx OLE DB Provider
Designed to allow integration of MultiValue data into any tools or environments that are built for Microsoft's COM/COM+ or Ole Automation environment. Works with vbscript, cscript, javascript and many other environments.
Supports COM, COM+ and Ole Automation-based tools and technologies.
FusionWare mvLynx Direct Designer
Although easier than full relational mapping, if you wish to access MultiValue files directly, some mapping is desirable. The FusionWare mvLynx Direct Designer assists you in building these mappings graphically.
Rapidly create views of your MultiValue data that allow you to expose them to all the FusionWare Direct family of products and solutions.
Tools For Data Warehousing and Migration
FusionWare mvLynx 2SQL
An easy-to-use Windows based solution for exporting data from your MultiValue database application for use with Oracle®, DB2™, Microsoft Access™, Microsoft SQL Server™, or mySQL databases and applications.
Rapid, Powerful Data Warehousing, Data Migration and BI.
Products for Packaged Application with SQL/Relational Requirements
FusionWare mvLynx Driver, ODBC Edition
Quickly develop solid ODBC-compliant applications for Web access or mainstream Windows use.
For older Windows based tools and technologies that require full ANSI SQL-92 compliance.
FusionWare mvLynx Driver, JDBC Edition
Provides JDBC 3.0 support including connection pooling for working with IDEs and tools that require full ANSI SQL-92 compliance.
For Java-based tools and technologies that require full ANSI SQL-92 compliance.
FusionWare mvLynx Relational Designer
This tool allows you to graphically create full, ANSI SQL-92 compliant relational views of your MultiValued data. The FusionWare ODBC Mapping Wizard analyzes dictionaries and data to give you a start on the mapping, improving your productivity and allowing you to rapidly map your data.
Premier tool for creating relational views of MultiValue data.